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Monte is a handsome 3 year old male. He is a new rescue fresh off the tracks. We will provide more information as we get to know him.

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Meisha will be six this month (July) and is a big, beautiful red fawn who has a lovely soprano roo.  She loves being at home so she can play, rest, give and receive TLC, and be with her Grey friends and foster parents. Meisha's favorite pastime is playing with stuffies and you won't find her without one.  When she's taking a nap, she always keeps one nearby in case anyone wants to play.  She's super fast and learns quickly too.  Her favorite activities include big hugs, snuggles, and tummy rubs.

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We will have more info and a picture of Hippie soon.

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Gabby is a four year old born in May, 2016. She has settled into home life, is a "certified couch potato", and gets along other dogs. She is small dog friendly. Gabby is cat friendly as long as the cats do not run and play around her. Gabby needs another dog friend. She plays a little with other dogs but really likes to have the companionship.

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Dixie is sweet girl, gentle and patient with kids and good with small dogs. She is 6 years old and loves to be outside or snuggled in her bed.

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Dalyon is 3 1/2 years old. This handsome red fawn just arrived and is full of loving energy. Come to the next Meet & Greet to meet him.

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Bill is a very sweet, tall five year old male who was an excellent racer.  He's smart, a perfect gentleman, gets along well with other Greyhounds, loves to play, and get cuddles.

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