Greyhound Adoption

The following information should be helpful to you as you consider adopting a greyhound. If you have any questions, please call us.

Greyhound ownership, as any pet, is a serious responsibility. Our policy is to ensure that anyone who adopts a greyhound will be capable of and willing to accept that responsibility. You will be asked to complete an application and to abide by the decision of our adoption placement committee. GPA is a non-profit organization and must accomplish its goals through donations of time and money. Your non-refundable application deposit of $25, which will be subtracted from the adoption fee of $200.00 covers GPA’s required expenses for:

  • neutering/spaying
  • vet exam
  • all required immunizations
  • heart worm testing
  • teeth cleaning
  • toenail clipping
  • ear check
  • special sighthound (Martingale) collar and leash
  • microchip

GPA National Requires that:

  • The greyhound will be spayed/neutered
  • The greyhound will be kept as a personal or family pet inside your home and be provided proper care
  • The greyhound’s annual vaccinations will be kept up to date
  • The greyhound will not be raced
  • The greyhound will not be used for hunting
  • The greyhound will wear identification tags at all times
  • The greyhound will not be used for research or be given or sold to any laboratory
  • The greyhound will be returned to GPA if the adoptive family, for any reason, cannot keep the dog or the family does not work out for the greyhound.
  • GPA will be notified immediately if the greyhound is lost or stolen


View our “Available Greyhounds” and “Events” links and come to a Meet and Greet where adoptable greyhounds will be there for you to see and become acquainted with. These adoptable greyhounds have been living in foster homes making the adjustment from track life to home life.

Applications for adoption as well as printed greyhound information will be available.

Once your application is approved, we will contact you to arrange a home visit. The dogs which interest you and seem a good match will then be brought to your home for a visit. There we can see how they interact with your family, including any other pets. We do not leave the dog at this time. We want you to take this opportunity to discuss it further and then notify us of your choice.

We’ll deliver the greyhound and paperwork at a time that is most convenient for us and for you. You will read and sign the GPA adoption contract and pay your adoption fee at that time.

To ensure a successful placement a GPA representative, often their foster family, will contact you by phone a few days after the greyhound has been placed and from then on as needed. We are always here for your support 24 hours a day if necessary. Please don’t hesitate to call.

And then your reward…….your adopted greyhound will become a loving pet, a faithful companion, and an enthusiastic, comical, bright-eyed member of the family. You will then have joined the growing number of people who know that greyhounds are both unique and wonderful pets.